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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Palliative Care Work continues 13/10/2012

 As part of the palliative care work ,our team visited 4  old aged persons today(13/10/2012 FN).We were 7 volunteers,Anjali Thomas ,Shabana N,Geethu C K,Amrutha K V ,Haritha C V.Priya Mohan,Sony P G and Princy George and 2 teachers ,Augustian Joseph  and Radhakrishnan C K.First we visited Mrs.Molikkutty, 75 years old.She is suffering from old age problems and diabetes.We measured her blood sugar level.The fact is that her husband lives away from her and has stopped visiting her for a few years.Next we visited a 55 year old lady Elsamma at Kannikkunnu.She is suffering from some genetic disorders and not able to walk.She moves squatting on the floor and behaves like a child does.She is unmarried and her brother's wife looks after her.They do not have an attached toilet.If they had one, that would have been helpful for this hapless lady.The Panchayath has shown some interest ,but they find it difficult to raise the required fund(about Rs. 10000 -)as the whole area has already been declared having enough toilets as per the recent records of the Panchayath!we have gifted the lady with a mat and a jacket.The NSS unit will think about raising money for the purpose if the family consents.Next we went to Mrs.Ammaluvamma, who  is bedridden recently after a stroke.We checked her BP her husband is also tired and weak .Her daughter looks after her well.But the faclities are nominal.Then we visited Mr.Jos Kutty who is suffering from liver cancer.The man does not know he has cancer and his family doesnt want him to know about it.He is looking fine at the first sight and talks happily about the treatment he takes. That is naturopathy .He is advised to eat fruits (except pine apple and urumambashzam)and certain vegetables.The family finds it difficult to have a regular supply of fruits like papaya..we will think of a way to have  a regular supply of fruits to the family.It was a detailed visit on every house chatting with the patients,checking their BP and BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL.We wound up the activity at 12.30 pm.We found that all the patients were happy to have our presence.Their rooms were neat and tidy but most of the families lack in facilites.The volunteers find it as learning  experience.About-the problems of oldage as well as palliative care-Report prepared by-Princy George Shabana N and Anjali Thomas
Editor-Anand R( Leader first year volunteers-NSS unit )

Names of the patients have been changed for privacy reasons.

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