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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shuchithwa Mission , KASARGOD honours the efforts of the NSS unit 09/10/2013 ;10 AM-5 PM

Shuchithwa Mission,KASARGOD has honoured the NSS unit in GHSS KAMBALLUR by inviting the programme officer for expert opinion in the I E C (Information Education and Communication) workshop held in Kasargod.

                   The workshop , inaugurated by Dt.Panchayath President Adv.Shyamaladevi.P.P., was attended by BDOs,General Extension Officers ,Village Extension Officers,Health Inspector ,Teacher representatives of the National Service Scheme and the Student Police Cadet ,and experts in the field like P.Muralidharan Master and P.KUNHIKANNAN MASTER.The programme concluded with the formulation of an action plan for conducting the project- Ideal Clean Village   in the 653 wards of the district emulating the success story of the IDEAL CLEAN VILLAGE  PROJECT in Kollada,near GHSS KAMBALLUR.

             Radhakrishnan C.K,the programme offficer of the the NSS unit, in GHSS KAMBALLUR taking part in the discussion has offered the whole hearted co operation of the NSS volunteers with the project.
                    The project envisages a coordination of the people's representatives ,Non governmental voluntary organisations,multiple government agencies,Asha workers,Kudumbasree members in a ward to transform a group of 25-50 families into an integrated unit of  exemplary sanitation ,waste management,biofarming and self reliance.Various activities will be  conducted in these units to ensure safe toilet use,effective management of solid and liquid waste,promotion of bio pesticides and bio manures,use of biolotion,safe storage and handling of drinking water
                      Mr.Vinodkumar.A ,the Assistant Coordinator of Shuchithwa Mission,KASARGOD complemented  the efforts of the NSS Unit in GHSS KAMBALLUR as exemplary and stated that the project will soon be implemented in all the wards of the district soon after the action plan gets the approval of the district authorities.

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