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Sunday, December 11, 2011


Nov 1-10:BLOOD DONATION CAMPAIGN –Nss volunteers contacted the local youth initiatives and requested for a list of volunteers ready to donate blood in Dec 2011.Rahul.K .the volunteer captain was taking the initiative. Blood donation camps have been conducted in this area within the last 2 months and hence the response was minimal. Another attempt will be made as part of the residential camp to be held in Kadumeni,an adjacent area.
   5 selected volunteers(NIMMY N JOY,DELNIT JOHNSON,ASWINI.K,HEMANTH RAVEENDRAN,AJO THOMAS, MIDHULAJ C H)and the programme officer  participated in the district level orientation camp at HSS BOVIKANAM from 10 AM TO 4 PM.The programmes were good but brief. The volunteers did not have much oppurtinities to improve their leadership traits.The food was tasty and we appreciate the sincere efforts of  the organising committee at Bovikanam though they had to work in a short time span. A 24 hour camping must be planned in at least one district level training  programme so that there is ample time for a few groupwise activities and icebreaking.The share of expense from the unit was Rs.750.The inauguration of a blog for nss units in Kasaragod was a great achievement .
Nov  :  26  PARTCIPATION IN JALAVICHARAM. Dt level reporting
5 selected volunteers( JITHU KURIAKOSE,SABIR P H,ABHILASH.N.M,JAISON  JOSEPH  ,SARATHBABU T ) and the programme officer  participated in the districtwise programme JALAVICHARAM held at Kanhangad .5 Placards prepared by the unit was used in the rally projecting the message of watersafety in which more than 100 volunteers and programme officers participated.. There was a Poster display in the meeting place for which our display won the trophy for the first place. The readiness from the part of the district convenor to recognise sincere initiatives is highly appreciated by our unit. All the sessions including the quiz programme was informative and effective. The new executive committee can be proud of that.
NOV 27-29 : Participation in Regional Camp
2 selected Voluteers  Priyesh.P, Fathimath Mahitha.K  participated the regional training camp held at
Angamali.The camp was really a learning experience for our volunteers.They have enjoyed the activities and have started taking initiatives in the programmes better than ever before. The support  given by the escorting teachers from the district as well as the organising committee at Angamaly is highly appreciated by the unit. The share of expense from the unit was Rs.900 .

Dec 1.-Pre orientation planning begins. The volunteers were divided into various committees and were apprised of their duties through a session of discussion on the residential camp. Possible projects were discussed. SNDP AUP School Kadumni was selected as the venue.
    A pre orientation camp was held in the school auditorium from10 AM TO 4 PM in which the projects were finalised and the duties and responsibilities of the volunteers in the camp were discussed.All the 50 volunteers participated.The principal,Mr.Raghavan.K;The former programme Officer,Mr.Augustian Joseph.A and the present programme officer Radhakrishanan.C.K were present.
Dec 7: Advisory Council Meet:
 THE PLAN OF SPECIAL CAMP - SNDP AUP School Kadumeni 25/12/11-31/12/11
     A meeting of the advisory council was held in which the pros and cons of the impending residential camp were discussed. Mr.Kunhambu T M , a representative of the adopted colony was present. Discussions were held on camp safety and the budget of the camp. the projects were approved. The camp will be held from Dec 25 to Dec31 ,2011.The theme would be Health, Sanitation and Personal Hygiene.A trainining in soap making for the volunteers and the Kudumbasree workers in the camp area (GANDHI RURAL DEVELOPMNT SCHEME,KANHANGAD);A Survey on health problems and educational needs in the adopted area(about 100 houses);Digging up of 2 waste pits in the camp site; A stall for finding body mass index in the nearby town, the campaign for eye donation and blood donation are the projects to be implemented based on the main theme. A communicative English programme and Digest A book a day will also be initiated based on the theme Reading and enhancing literacy. A supportive  visit to the nearby old age home ;  hiking trip to Kottencheri hills( ecotourism PROJECT,EAST ELERI PNCHAYATH ), a seminar on Gandhiji-his life and message; personality training session (BABURAJ.K,TRAINER,JCI);another session for counselling and  FIRST AID TRAINING (RAJEEVAN PiLICODE), leadership training(RAJEEVAN KARIVELLUR)  are some other quality improvement inputs. A Film festival showing films like GANDHI,DAIVASOOTHRAM ETC..) is also on the cards as part of the cultural programmes.
     Expressing solidarity towards the Mullaperitar concerns-a programme involving all the VOLUNTEERS of the school  NSS UNIT and the members of CRC AND GRANDHASALA-A MEETING AND COLLECTING SIGNATURES ON A BABBER DRAPED AROUND A TREE IN THE CRC PREMISES was conducted in the afternoon. Nss volunteer captain Priyesh.P  and the school chairman  Nishad Mathew spoke on the occasion.The programme has got ample coverage in the local tv news channel.

A meeting of the parents of first year volunteers was held at 2 pm today in the school campus. The former programme Officer, Mr. Augustian Joseph. A and the present programme officer Radhakrishanan.C.K were present. Discussions were held on camp safety and the budgetting of the camp. Arrangements were made to ensure the safety of the volunteers especially the girls.2 lady parents will be staying in the camp every night.A few parents will be visiting the camp every day during the cultural programme session. A budget of Rs 27,500 was approved in the meeting.To make up the shortage, a committee was formed to plan the collection of coconuts and vegetables to be used in the camp from the parents of the volunteers  .A camp support committee will be formed in the camp station for these purposes. Parents of all the 50 volunteers participated.
Dec 9:
Special Camp - Organising Committee.
A camp support committee  with the ward member Marikkutty James(mob no.9495620126) as the chair person and the principal of GHSS Kamballur; Raghavan.K as the convenor was formed in a meeting of the authorities of SNDP AUP SCHOOL,KADUMENI ,and the office bearers of various non- governmental organisations as well as those of the youth initiatives in the camp area.42 persons including 8 group leaders of the nss volunteers form GHSS KAMBALLUR participated. The meeting was inaugurated by the East Eleri Panchayath vice president ,Mrs.Marikkutty James. The projects and the budget was briefly discussed and approved. Arrangements for the smooth running of the camp have been made.

Activities Planned for Next Week.
Expressing solidarity towards the Mullaperitar concerns-a programme involving all the students of the school and the members of the local community.
Pre camp training for volunteers in committee based activities.
Biodiversity Park- bio manures to the plants and name boards to each plant.

---Programme Officer Ghss kamballur ;Unit no.363 :Mob 9447739033

NB :Programmes conducted in November addl.
Beekeeping training nov 16-18
Nss unit joined hands with Y’smens club and Horticorp to give training to its 18 plus one volunteers 3 day  practical training in beekeeping. 5 beehives have already been booked by the different groups in the nss unit.

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